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If you feel as if you’re constantly struggling to find success, you might be surprised how much gratitude a change your life.

Gratitude can make every aspect of your life better, shinier and surprisingly, more successful.

You will discover that by becoming grateful for what you have, you will become more positive, more motivated, and as you give more of yourself, you will gain so much more in return.

Read on to find out more!

Gratitude helps you appreciate your progress

As an entrepreneur, you’ll be working hard to create an alternative way of earning money that doesn’t rely on working for someone else. Sometimes it’s hard to see any progress at all.

By being grateful for each success we find, we become more aware of the real progress that we’re actually making.

You might not have made that first sale, nobody has signed up to your subscription list, nobody visits your website, or you’re struggling to come up with that amazing idea for your next product. These might all feel like insurmountable problems to overcome.

Gratitude can help.

The important thing is that we’re recording the things that we’re grateful for (more on that later) so that we can recognize the things we’re actually achieving.

Each day or at the end of each week, write down the things that you’re grateful for.

Write it like this: I’m grateful that/for/because [ reason ].

Here’s some examples:

  • “I’m grateful that five people visited my new blog post this week”
  • “I’m grateful for the things I’ve learned on that Pinterest course. I’ve made some great pinnable graphics this week!”
  • “I’m grateful because I’m writing about something I love and five people read my new post today”.

By stating your gratitude for the progress you’re making in your business, you will start to become more aware of how well you’re actually doing! As you mentally celebrate each small step you take, you’ll become more mindful of your progress.

Any small step towards your goal is to be appreciated because it’s a small step towards the life you want.

Gratitude helps us remain positive

It’s so easy to get lost in the thought that you’re just getting anywhere.

By being grateful for what you’ve been able to do, it helps you to keep a positive attitude.

If you’ve been able to overcome an obstacle or problem and you’ve noted your gratitude for doing that, it makes your mind more receptive to the idea that you’ll be able to overcome other problems too!

You can overcome anything because you’ve already done it before.

“But what if I’m just starting out,” you might ask.

The very fact that you’re starting a new venture means you’ve overcome the fear that you’ll never be able to do it or that it’s pointless trying.

Did you know that most people never start their own business because they never overcome that initial fear that they’ll fail?

Congratulations – you’ve already done that and it’s something to be so grateful for!

Gratitude makes you more attractive

If you think about all the people you know, I’m sure you know a few people that always put themselves first, that never want to share what they know, what they have, or help anybody else.

People are attracted to those that are generous with their time, that are willing to share their experience, their skills, or their abilities in order to help others.

We are all selfish to a lesser or greater degree and overcoming it makes us more attractive.

If you want to be a success as an entrepreneur, you need to create a following, a faithful tribe that love what you do and you’ll only achieve that if you give them something they want to follow.

Gratitude can help.


Because as you practice being grateful for what you have, who you know, or what you’ve achieved, you become more aware of what you have in your life instead of wanting more.

Selfishness is largely about serving yourself and wanting more.

Through gratitude you shift your mental focus away from what you want on to what you already have and that change in perspective will change your life.

Gratitude encourages us to achieve more

Two people happy about achieving something

As you start to recognize and appreciate the things you’ve achieved, the progress you’ve made, and the people you’ve helped, you will want to do more!

By being grateful for each little thing you achieve, you will expect to succeed because you’ve already done so in many ways already.

You will want to write more blog posts, create more videos, network with more like-minded people, and because you’re generating the desire to do these things, you’ll be generating your own motivation to do the work required.

By creating this motivation, you’re helping to build your own desire to make it to the end – even when it seems nobody is reading your blog posts or buying your products. 

By being grateful for what you’ve achieved, not matter how small, you’re building a belief in yourself, piece by tiny, little piece.

Gratitude becomes authority

The key to success in any niche or industry is to become recognized as an expert in that area.

As you regularly record your gratitude for everything you’ve achieved in your business, you’ll recognize things that you can share with your network of followers and you’ll be motivated to share it with them.

Sharing your journey and experience with others helps them in their journey and they will become your fans, not because you desperately tried to recruit them with cheap marketing tricks but because you have shown that you genuinely care about them.

How to record your gratitude

Right at the start of this article I gave some examples of how you should write about what you’re grateful for.

This is an essential exercise because it builds a historical record of your success and the act of writing helps make your mind more focused on being grateful.

The best way to do this is in a dedicated journal that you set aside for the purpose.

The alternative is to buy a ready-made gratitude journal. Because they’re purposely created for recording gratitude, their layout might make it easier for you to get into the habit. I’ve included some suggestions below. Please note that they are affiliate links so if you click on one and buy it, I’ll receive a small commission but that doesn’t affect the price you pay.


Expressing your gratitude for what you have can have amazing impact on how you perceive yourself, your life, and your relationship with others.

By recognizing what you have, it helps you to reduce your desire to chase material returns and instead focus on helping others instead.

This is a small but subtle distinction – providing content, experience, or products that help people will result in a greater following.

That following will be happy to pay money for what you’re providing because you’ve already demonstrated that you care about them through what you’ve already given them for free.

That all started with a little gratitude. 🙂

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