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Why I left Wealthy Affiliate

I cancelled my Wealthy Affiliate membership last November. In this article I’m going to explain exactly why I left.

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How to create an ebook for free

If you’ve ever wanted to create your own ebook to promote your website or to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter, this article will show you how.

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How to improve Google rankings

It can be frustrating when your new website articles don’t seem to appear in Google results. This article has some tips to help you measure and improve your search ranking.

Low-hanging fruit

What is a low hanging fruit?

This article explains what low-hanging fruit is, what it means for affiliate marketers, and how you can find your own.

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The how to guide of affiliate marketing

If you’re interested in the how to’s of affiliate marketing, this post could give you the start you need. Be warned though – you won’t get rich overnight!

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The Wealthy Affiliate Scam

If you’re interested in affiliate marketing, you may have heard of Wealthy Affiliate. This article honestly addresses some of the criticisms of the platform.

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Ethical affiliate marketing

If you want to be an ethical affiliate marketer because you care about the people that visit your site, you’ll want to read this article.