3 REAL Ways You Could Make Money in 2019

If you’re like me, you’ll be starting 2019 with an empty bank account and a host of bills that demand payment. At times like this, it’s natural to try to find some ways to make some extra income.  In this post I’ll introduce three ways that I made money in 2018 (and will continue to […]

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Give. Thanks.

How gratitude can change your life

If you feel as if you’re constantly struggling to find success, you might be surprised how much gratitude a change your life. Gratitude can make every aspect of your life better, shinier and surprisingly, more successful. You will discover that by becoming grateful for what you have, you will become more positive, more motivated, and […]

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Counting money

The Psychology of Marketing

Have you ever felt that you’ve bought something and not been sure why? The chances are it’s because you’re the victim of marketing psychology – clever tricks that marketing agencies use to get you to buy something you weren’t even sure you wanted. In this post I’ll be explaining five methods that are commonly used […]

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