One of the best ways of earning money at home is affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, due to unethical affiliate marketers, this term fills some people with suspicion.

This simply means that you promote other people’s products and services by providing a link to it on your website. If a potential customer clicks on that linkand they make a purchase, the merchant will reward you, usually with a fixed percentage of the sale value. 

This website includes affiliate links to products and services that I use or have reviewed.

Here’s my promise to you about my affiliate links:

  • I will only ever provide affiliate links to products I have actually tried
  • If I’m reviewing a product, I’ll include a link to it and if possible, that will probably be an affiliate link. 
  • I will only ever include affiliate links to “bad” products on review pages (the title will include the word, “review”). 
    A “bad” product is something that I don’t like or that has features or restrictions I don’t approve of.
    The reason for this is because you might not agree with me and want to buy it anyway. 
    That’s your choice but I will always be honest with you on the review page
  • I will probably be paid in some form if you make a purchase via an affiliate link. 
  • The fact I get paid if you purchase a product or service doesn’t increase the price for you.
    The seller
     of the product or service absorbs the cost of the product (or plans their prices around their affiliate marketing strategy).

If you enjoy this site, I’d really appreciate it if you make a purchase through some of my links to support what I’m doing. 

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