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Hi, I’m Phil!

For a large part of my life I coasted through it, working the nine to five just to pay the bills. I was just existing. In the West, that’s what we’re taught life is about. Go to school to get qualifications so you can get a job to pay for the things that we’re told we should want.

It didn’t work.

Like many other people, I reached a point in my life when I realised that wasn’t working for me. I was deeply unhappy, even depressed. I was an angry, negative person that wasn’t particularly nice to be around. Heck, I didn’t want to be around me.

My job was interfering with the time I was able to spend with my young children and it seemed that I was working all the time, just to try to keep my bosses happy. Keeping an employer happy will rarely result in your own happiness.

I quit my job and started working for myself.

I’m now exploring ways to create a reliable income through an online business so that my family can stop worrying about money and start living. Along the way I’ve also been seeking to improve myself by exploring how NLP and CBT practices can help me overcome my weaknesses.

I hope that this site will help you

If you’re looking for help in getting your life organised, I’m hoping you’ll find it here.

If you’re looking for help in starting an online business, I’m hoping you’ll find it here too.

If you’re looking for help to overcome your self-doubt and discovering what your true potential is, I’m hoping you’ll find at least inspiration if not helpful advice.

When we learn to develop a pay-it-forward attitude in our lives and start helping others, we become more grateful for what we have in our own lives and become more positive. I believe that the more positive we are, the happier we are.

The purpose of this site

I will be exploring subjects that interest me, in detail. The areas that I’ll be focusing on are:

  • Making Money Online
  • Productivity and organisation
  • Becoming more positive and finding happiness

Making Money Online

There are so many ways to make money online and although I’ve started to find success with some of them, others I’m only just scratching the surface of. I will be writing about the things I’ve tried that worked and I’ll be looking at some things that I either tried and failed at or that I just felt were a complete and utter scam (and I’ll explain why).

Productivity and organization

I’m a naturally chaotic person. If I don’t manage my mind, it jumps all over the place, distracted by the next shiny thing or diversion that will bring short-term pleasure at the cost of long-term happiness.

I’ll be writing about what I’ve done to tame my mind and bring order to my life. Don’t get me wrong. This is still a learning process and I’m constantly fine-tuning the process and I’ll be posting about each step I take in the hope it will be helpful to you.

Becoming more positive and finding happiness

Believe it or not, we have more control over our happiness than you might think. There are many methods of changing how you see the world that help you to live a more positive life and I’ll be writing about those too.

It’s up to you if you read them, agree with them or try to apply them in your life though. 🙂

Make a choice

Join me in the decision to change your life. It’s your life and you’re in control.

Just don’t quit your job until you have a way to pay your bills. That kind of stress isn’t going to make you happy. 😉

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Photograph of me

All the best,


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